The most comfortable way to reach the hotel

Although Badia Nuova is located within the limited traffic area of Trapani, our taxi will leave you comfortably in the immediate area of the hotel.

To book the transfer for arrival and / or departure, we invite you to carefully enter some information about your trip. Regarding the departure from the hotel, it is important to know that it usually takes 30 minutes to reach Trapani Airport, while it will take 60 minutes to reach Palermo Airport. We ask you to calculate how far in advance to leave the hotel based on the luggage to be checked in or taking into account peak times.

Rate for race

From or to Airport of Trapani:

  • 1/4 people: 35 €
  • 5 people: 40 €
  • 6 people: 45 €
  • 7 people: 50 €
  • 8 people: 55 €

From or to Airport of Palermo:

  • 1/4 people: 105 €
  • 5/6 people: 125 €
  • 7/8 people: 145 €
Arrival at Badia Nuova
Departure from Badia Nuova

Payment will be made directly to the taxi.